Jill Update May 6

By Jill Passmore, Visitor Experience Co-ordinator

I just realized that my last post about dealing with the Coronavirus was one month ago. What has life been like since then? Not easy. Some days are better than others are, of course; who doesn’t like not having to set an alarm in the morning, right?

In terms of homeschooling for my kids, I am very lucky to have daycare available where they do their lessons within their bubble. Working with kids the same age has provided my son with companionship. He and his best buddy have never been in the same class before, and now they are. My daughter loves to take over and help teach the little kids, reading to them and helping where she can. She has also been taking this as an opportunity to catch up on her reading, which I am very proud of because I was such a bookworm when I was her age! I also have a better understanding of why teachers are so particular about having their prep time. My kids ask to do so many great things that I have shared on Pinterest or saved craft supplies, but with no time to prepare anything (because kids don’t want to wait for anything), I end up saying no. Cue the guilt. Two major successes include my daughter learning to play a few songs on her ukulele and my son finally learning to ride his bike on two wheels. We promised that when he did this he could choose a new bike (after years of hand-me-downs), and of course, now all of the stores are closed!

With the onset of nicer weather, we have also been able to spend more time together outside. The kids riding their bikes and my husband and I walking, all of us working together in the garden to get it ready for summer, and practicing soccer and catch. With these walks, I have been able to document some of the neighbourly solidarity and signage that has popped up in north Oshawa. There are many signs dedicated to frontline workers.

I have two in my family. My brother is a Courts Officer with the City of Toronto and my sister is a Food Service Worker at a Long Term Care facility in Oshawa. I like to remind people that essential, frontline workers aren’t just nurses and doctors, fire and police. My sister has been working in her position for over 26 years and plays a major role in ensuring that families’ loved ones eat, are nourished and able to thrive. Sometimes family members have trouble getting their parents or spouses to eat; because the men and women who work with the residents on a daily basis know them just as well as their families, they often have a few tricks up their sleeves. This is vital, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic when family members are limited in LTC facilities.

If you see community signs in your neighbourhood or would like to share your experiences while dealing with the pandemic, please visit https://covid19oshawa.com/share-your-stories/

Published by Oshawa Museum

Since 1957, the Oshawa Museum has been acquiring and preserving for the public, records that trace Oshawa's rich history from its earliest settlement. Our collection includes historical information on Oshawa, its families, businesses, social organizations and many other areas of interest. Included in the collection are photographs, documents, scrapbooks and other Oshawa related memorabilia. In addition to making Oshawa's historical inforamtion available, our staff also provides lectures, presentations, conservation work and research assistance.

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