COVID-19: The Second Anniversary

I was recently interviewed by the Toronto Star on this project and why we began to collect stories related to the pandemic almost as soon as it was declared.  I directed the reporter to this exhibit and realized that it had been some time since we had added anything new here. We are quickly approachingContinue reading “COVID-19: The Second Anniversary”

Signs of the Time

I am a sucker for good branding and creative marketing, and while walking around downtown, my attention was grabbed by the signage outside the Tribute Communities Centre (formerly, GM Centre). This hockey rink is used by the Oshawa Generals (when they are in season) and by community groups for practice and play, and the cleverContinue reading “Signs of the Time”

Jill’s mid-October Reflections

It’s been a while since writing an entry for our Covid blog. I look back and can’t fathom where the time has gone. Ten months. How did whatever this is become the new normal? My family made it through the first round of online schooling; we made it through the summer – contending with packedContinue reading “Jill’s mid-October Reflections”

Signs of the Time

Photographed by Lisa Terech, Community Engagement My growing collection of non-medical masks, which hang by the front door, ready to grab when I leave my house. The beads on the straps help these masks fit more securely on my face – a suggestion made by an employee at Oshawa’s Ultimate Sewing Centre! I was onContinue reading “Signs of the Time”

Reflections from almost five months on…

By Lisa Terech, Community Engagement It’s been almost five month since Friday March 13, the day the OM made the decision to cancel March Break programs and, “out of an abundance of caution,” close the Museum to visitors. Little did we know that the Provincial State of Emergency which came into effect shortly afterwards wouldContinue reading “Reflections from almost five months on…”

A Community Member’s Reflections on COVID-19

By Linda Cory Bazowsky Winter/Spring 2020 It’s Here! We all knew COVID-19 was coming! The big question was “When?” Trailing close behind and of equal importance were the “Why,” the “Where,” and lastly, the “How.” Let’s start with the “When?” History has shown us that pandemics have occurred for as long as mankind has beenContinue reading “A Community Member’s Reflections on COVID-19”