Jill’s COVID Diary – April 8, 2020

I remember at the start of February lamenting that it would be my last Monday working from home. Knowing that the upcoming weeks were going to be extremely busy, I relished in the quiet of getting Museum work done in the comfort of my home. Now, let’s fast-forward two months. What are some of theContinue reading “Jill’s COVID Diary – April 8, 2020”

Signs of the Time

Community member, and past Oshawa Historical Society President, Merle Cole, has shared photos he has taken during this time, and these photos will become a series called Signs of the Time. As Merle put it, “Some are obvious and some a bit more subtle.” Today’s post is one of the more subtle images. Says Merle,Continue reading “Signs of the Time”

Melissa’s COVID Diary

By Melissa Cole, Curator I hope this message finds you and your families healthy and safe. For the past few weeks we as individuals have changed the way we interact with one another and the community around us. Our day-to-day routines have changed.  For me it has also been a time of reflection and continuesContinue reading “Melissa’s COVID Diary”

Projects Lost

By Jennifer Weymark, Archivist This summer marks the 100th Anniversary of Lakeview Park.  It was to be a big celebration.  We were collaborating with the City of Oshawa and Durham College to create an amazing virtual walking tour of the Park.  The Canada Day celebration, which is held at the Park, was to include aContinue reading “Projects Lost”

Working From Home and Creating Meaningful Visitor Experiences

By Jill Passmore, Visitor Experience Co-ordinator How do you continue working from home when your job is creating meaningful visitor experiences at your site? Like all of us staff at the Museum, creating a work-life balances these days has been difficult. Do I work, do I clean and sanitize, do I prep meals, do IContinue reading “Working From Home and Creating Meaningful Visitor Experiences”

Empty Cup Documentary Update

Colin Burwell, Empty Cup Media Oshawa Covid-19 documentary update: I’ve done about a dozen interviews so far and have recorded a lot of headlines, home vids of our adjusted routine, vlogs and errands. I’d really love your help with the visuals – I’m looking for aspiring Oshawa videographers to contribute to this project. I needContinue reading “Empty Cup Documentary Update”

Community (Digital) Engagement

By Lisa Terech, Community Engagement On March 13, the Oshawa Museum announced that, out of an ‘abundance of caution,’ we will close our museum doors to visitors to help stop the spread of COVID-19. As soon as that decision was made, I went into digitial strategy mode. While our social media presence really is aContinue reading “Community (Digital) Engagement”

Jill’s COVID-19 Diary

By Jill Passmore, Visitor Experience Coordinator March 23, 2020 My first recollections of the coronavirus are between Christmas and New Years of 2019. Over the Christmas holidays, I gradually became aware of the shift in news – from the devastating wildfires in Australia to this new coronavirus. I remember my son, Joey saying (whining?) “WhyContinue reading “Jill’s COVID-19 Diary”

Working in the Archive . . From Home

By Jennifer Weymark, Archivist We are very fortunate that technology has made it that some professions are able to work from home during this time of self-isolation. The Oshawa Museum was already set up to allow staff to work remotely from home and thus we transition to working from home with relative ease. Saying theContinue reading “Working in the Archive . . From Home”